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Who we are…

ARTVENTURE provides comprehensive, multi-media, standards-based art education programs for children. Our curriculum exposes students to art and cultures from around the world, master and contemporary artists, and a wide array of mediums from painting to sculpture to mosaic design to printing and much more. Kids learn about art and art history, styles and techniques, and the elements of of art and principles of design.   Our classes encourage children to  develop an appreciation of art and confidence in their own creativity while building  connections with the academic curriculum.

Most of all, our classes are creative and FUN!




What we offer…

  • School year program (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes)
  • Special events for schools and after school providers
  • Individual classes and themed programs
  • Camp and school vacation programs
  • Professional development and training

For more information, please contact:

Kristin Caramagna, Program Director

(760) 731-0555


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